Michael Bott

Podcasting: what’s in it for actors? SHOW NOTES

January 21, 2016


"Eclectic is about right with this show being about … podcasting. I wouldn’t have expected the subject to come up so soon at least, what with me only being 5 - including this one - shows in. Not quite enough experience for me to be pontificating on the dos and don’ts of running a podcast show. Well, and to be taken seriously, anyway. 

"However, in my travels around the internet I have connected with a UK actor who DOES have extended experience of running his own podcast show. His name is Wayne Ingram and if you search for POWERFUL NONSENSE podcast you’ll find what he’s up to. Interestingly, his show isn’t directly related to the subject of acting BUT I thought that with podcasting coming more and more on the radar now as a means for folk to connect and get their message out to the world, it would be worthwhile having a talk about what may be in this game from an actor’s point of view. 

"So, the rest of this show is the recording of an online video chat we did the other day on the Blab platform. As well as this podcast, I also run a channel (if you can call it that) called ActorChat, which enables actors to come online and get in a video chat room and - well - talk about whatever they want to talk about really. If you want to check it out, I’ll leave links and stuff in the show notes - but if you want to see ActorChat in action, you can go to actorchat.tv where we’ve got an archive of previous shows.  

"In fact, you’ll find the video version of what follows on the website, so if you’d prefer to watch the chat, go there now. Otherwise, if you’re an actor and you’re wondering what the fuss is about podcasting and whether you should care and you’re happy with audio only… stick around.  

"I am joined in the session by my regular ActorChat co-host, actress Kate Marie Davies and bear in mind that we are getting input from folk watching the show live who are typing us messages. So if it seems we’re reacting to someone that isn’t there, that’s what it is. Hope you enjoy it and it’s helpful."


Here are some links to other sites that may be useful. There are many podcasters out there whose main role in life seems to be helping and educating new and aspiring podcasters. They are easy to find via a search on Google but my favourite so far is 'THE AUDACITY TO PODCAST' podcast. It's a good starting place. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 18.01.14 

Wayne mentions his own page where beginners can get an idea of the kind of equipment that forms the basis of a reasonable podcasting set-up. It's here at POWERFUL NONSENSE.

There is an actor called Tommy Kendrick who is based in Austin, Texas. He runs an excellent podcast for actors - indeed (although I've cut it from the podcast) he tried to join the Actorchat Blab but didn't succeed due to some Blab first-timer technical problems. Nevertheless is was good to make the connection and I highly recommend his shows - mainly interviews with other actors and creatives. It's called ACTORS TALK

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Another podcast I highly recommend to actors is Stephen Mitchell's NOTES ON A CALL SHEET - an extremely interesting and experienced Hollywood director/writer/producer and his take on acting and the business of acting. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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