Michael Bott

Actors & Goal Setting SHOW NOTES

January 13, 2016


Being still at the beginning of the year, it’s not too late to talk about goal-setting - indeed, a week or so into January, it’s maybe around now that first indications appear that those fine and sparkly resolutions we made are beginning to look a bit tarnished? If that’s not the case - brilliant - however, as actors we’re particularly aware of the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" and I thought a conversation with my personal development coach wife, Sharon Bott, to took in the particular concerns that actors have about determining how life is going to go may be apposite.

At around the 25 minute mark, Sharon mentions a book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you want to investigate this further, below is an affiliate link to Amazon.co.uk



I host an occasional video streaming chat - called, amazingly, ActorChat TV, that uses the Blab platform. By way of kicking things off and because it was easy to do, we did a live broadcast entitled ‘Actors & Goal Setting’ and the rest of this podcast is the audio recording of it. If you would prefer to watch the conversation, here is the YouTube recording of the Blab.


If you love what Sharon is saying and would like to know more about here and what she can offer, please pay her website a visit as soon as you can!

Sharon Bott website