Michael Bott

AN-003 | Full Circle at Wyndham’s

January 13, 2016

For three glorious months, back in the Summer of In 2014, I was very honoured and privileged to be understudy to the great Bill Nighy in the revival of David Hare's 'Skylight' at Wyndham's Theatre, directed by Stephen Daldry. This is a little story about luck, fate, and synchronicity, cause and effect - call it what you will. It has a longish preface because it revolves around this very significant event in my life. In order for the jewel to shine, it need to be bedded in the right setting - so bear with me!


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a-night-to-remember-tucker-mcguire-1958In the show, I make reference to  couple of names that are significant to the story but you may not have heard of. If you're interested, you can find out about Tucker McGuire on IMDb here, and Tom Macaulay here. At left is a shot of Tucker McGuire in the film "A Night to Remember", the 1958 British film about the sinking of the Titanic starring Kenneth Moore.