Michael Bott


March 16, 2016
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The first attempt at a video podcast from ACTOR NOTES!

For some while I've been running an occasional video streaming show called 'ActorChat' on the Blab platform (http://www.blab.im). As they get recorded on video as a matter of course, I got round to thinking that they make good content for a video podcast.

A few days ago I had an ad hoc (see, told you!) conversation with two very interesting gentlemen; veteran Hollywood director/producer, classic car aficionado and acting guru Stephen Mitchell and brand strategist, digital Darwinist and marketing expert Art Jones.

So, we were chatting away, and as the conversation drifted towards the subject of branding, I thought I'd hit the record button, seeing as 'branding' has become a bit of a buzzword for actors of late.

Although the conversation meandered through many topics - we talked branding, storytelling, creative self-disruption, Hollywood, casting and actors as a luxury item(!) - it got quite deep, and if you listen through, I hope you'll find there's some gold to be prospected from what was said. I hope you enjoy.



Go to Stephen Mitchell's NOTES ON A CALL SHEET - an his podcast, also on Podbean. An extremely interesting and experienced Hollywood director/writer/producer and his take on acting and the business of acting. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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AN-014 - MINDSET 6/9 | “Listening’ with SHARON BOTT

AN-014 - MINDSET 6/9 | “Listening’ with SHARON BOTT

March 2, 2016

Listening - that seems a pretty straightforward thing to be talking about, doesn't it? I mean, most of us have been doing it all our lives and it seems we've got quite good at it - haven't we? But have we really? Do we actually listen - and if we think we do, who are we listening to? Is it possible that in changing the way we think about listening that we could impact our lives and careers for the better?


As ever, immensely grateful to Sharon Bott for her contribution in making this series possible. If you've enjoyed this show, please have a look at her website - there's loads of good stuff to absorb ...


AN-009 - MINDSET 2/9 | ‘Responsibility’ with SHARON BOTT

AN-009 - MINDSET 2/9 | ‘Responsibility’ with SHARON BOTT

February 10, 2016

In the second of a series of nine discussions, Sharon and I reflect on the area of Responsibility and how being aware of, and taking care to manage what we're thinking and how we're feeling impacts our direction in life. Taking responsibility for what's going on between our ears not only empowers us in our careers, but also when we're doing the job, in rehearsal and on set.